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Strand 2: Implementing What Works at the DISTRICT Level


Kim Gibbons, Ph.D.; St. Croix River River Education District, North Branch, MN              

Dawn Miller, Ph.D.; Shawnee Mission School District, Kansas

Committee Facilitator:

Judy Elliott, Ph.D. & Dawn Miller, Ph.D.

This strand is designed for early and advanced implementers of RtI practices. Using the NASDSE District Level Blueprint for Implementation, participants will develop or refine their action plan around areas of consensus building, solidifying infrastructure, and launching or refining implementation efforts. Leading the session are nationally recognized trainers who lead efforts within their own districts. The strand is designed to focus on the critical RtI practices that increase student achievement, use tools that promote refection and evaluation of your current status, and share strategies to address promises and pitfalls that relate to strengthening and sustaining your efforts. The strand will illustrate the application of RtI practices to social and academic behaviors.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Have developed an action plan addressing consensus building, developing infrastructure, and refining implementation;
  2. Learn strategies to develop or further the development of a district leadership team, establishing and using a measurement system, developing and supporting teacher expertise with curriculum and instruction decisions, and creating a supportable tiered system of intervention that is efficient and effective;
  3. Experience using multiple, national examples of data based decision making processes and tools;
  4. Gain fresh ideas and a renewed sense of determination.


  • Have an understanding of what RtI is and is not
  • Have received an initial overview of RtI
  • Have a good understanding of the underlying practices and beliefs of RtI
  • Do not yet have a district leadership team that meets regularly

Questions To Determine If You Should Attend Strand 3:

  1. Do you have a district leadership team that meets regularly around RtI issues?
  2. Do you have a comprehensive assessment system that includes:
    • Universal screening tools (i.e., a data system that identifies students who may need additional academic or behavioral instructional support?)
    • Diagnostic assessments for pinpointing specific need areas?
    • Progress monitoring assessments for ongoing evaluation of instructional effectiveness?
    • Outcome measures tied to school improvement for evaluating overall proficiency with standards?
  3. Do you have a process for ongoing consensus on implementing RtI and on the underlying beliefs of RtI?
  4. Has your district made decisions about what is tight and what is loose around RtI practices across buildings? For example:
    • Type and frequency of data collection for specific purposes
    • Intervention protocol
    • Planning for staff development
    • Link to School Improvement Process
    • Involvement of personnel from special education, Title, ELL

If you answered NO to 2/4 of these questions, this is the right strand for you.