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Strand 5: Scaling-up RtI at the STATE Level


Steve Goodman, Ph.D.; Michigan Integrated Behavior Learning Support Initiative (MiBLSi), Holland, MI

Ed Steinberg, Ph.D.; Colorado Department of Education, Denver, CO

Committee Facilitator:

Margie McGlinchey, Ph.D.

Who Should Attend? State Education Office Personnel and others who collaborate with SEAs to implement RtI

Description: This strand will focus on creating a model for developing statewide capacity around the implementation and scale-up of RtI, specifically related to an integrated Academic/Behavior Model.
The presenters will share their experience in supporting implementation in their respective states, Colorado and Michigan. 

  1. Building commitment across departments toward a common vision;
  2. Creating capacity for leadership, training, and coaching;
  3. Establishing organizational capacity to support implementation;
  4. Developing a model for continuous improvement;
  5. Working to develop an implementation plan consistent with stages of implementation.

Prerequisites: Participants who attend should be those individuals who have had responsibility to plan, develop, implement and/or evaluate state-level implementation of RtI.