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Opening keynote address:

David Prasse, Ph.D Judy Elliott Image

“Building an Integrated System of Support
While You are Flying It: Experience From
the Field”

George Batsche, Ed.D
Professor and Co-Director of the Institute for School Reform, University of South Florida

Don Kincaid, Ph.D
Director, Florida's Positive Behavior Support Project, University of South Florida

Integrating academic and behavior instruction and interventions in a multi-tier system of student supports is a significant challenge. Although consensus is easy to achieve around the "idea" of integrating these services, the fact is that the services are often housed in organizational, funding, pedagogical and ego-driven silos. Overcoming these challenges requires strategic planning, collaborative problem-solving and consensus regarding the importance of outcomes over process. This keynote address will identify the challenges, offer field implemented strategies to overcome the challenges and, hopefully, provide a frame and context that participants can use during the conference.


Closing keynote address:

Image of the Innovations Committee

"RtI: You CAN Handle the Truth Because Houston, we Have a Solution"

Innovations Committee.

We'll have you from hello! The closing keynote will chronicle important RtI implementation lessons from the conference committee--all of whom are longstanding RtI implementation leaders. This keynote will be fast-paced, light, to the point and relevant and will use humor and famous "one liners" as a vehicle to convey key lessons. Not to be missed, this session is a follow up to last year's closing "RtI Unplugged."