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Strand 4: RtI and Positive Behavior Support: Integrating and Implementing a Seamless Delivery System


George Batsche, Ed.D.; University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

Don Kincaid, Ph.D.; Florida's Positive Behavior Support Project, University of South Florida, Tampa FL

Committee Facilitators:

Judy Elliott, Ph.D.

The integration of RtI and PBS into a seamless delivery system provides educators, students and their families with a powerful formula for academic and behavioral/social-emotional success. However, the organizational and funding structures that traditionally support statewide RtI and PBS result in barriers (e.g., separate funding sources, rules, district implementation, lexicon, procedures) that either inhibit or reduce significantly the integration process. The Florida Department of Education set the expectation and provided the support for a statewide, integrated service delivery model. This strand will focus on the addressing the challenges to this integration and provide and provide a model for an integrated service delivery system. The topics that will be addressed include:

  1. State regulations and guidelines to support integration
  2. District organizational structures and supports to facilitate integration
  3. Roles and responsibilities of district personnel in an integrated model
  4. Strategies to develop a common language/common understanding across the academic and behavior domains.
  5. Aligning the problem-solving process across academic and behavior domains
  6. Common lexicon for tiers, data systems, integration across tiers, intervention integrity
  7. Integrated coaching and program evaluation model
  8. Applications at elementary, middle and high school levels
  9. Integrated professional development modules and support