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James Baker

George Batsche

Kim Gibbons

Steven Goodman

Shannon Harken

Don Kincaid

Terri Metcalf

Dawn Miller

Diane Morrison

Hollie Pettersson

David Prasse

Kim St. Martin

Rebecca Sarlo

Ed Steinberg

Amelia Van Name Larson

Christi Whitter


George Batsche, Ed.D

Professor and Co-Director of the Institute for School Reform, University of South Florida; Tampa, FL

George Batsche is currently Professor and Co-Director of the Institute for School Reform in the School Psychology Program at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida.  Dr. Batsche directs the Student Support Services Project and the Shared Services Network Project for the Florida Department of Education as well as the statewide pilot project on problem solving and RtI for the State of Florida.  The Student Support Services Project is responsible for policy development, technical assistance and training, innovative project development and consultation in the areas of school psychology, school counseling, school social work and school nursing for the State of Florida through the Florida Department of Education.  Dr. Batsche has been involved in the implementation of the problem-solving model at the state, district and building levels for the past 20 years.