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James Baker

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James Baker

James Baker
Educational Consultant for Kansas Multi-Tiered System of Support


James is a member of the Kansas Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) Core Team. The Kansas MTSS Core Team works with state trainers and school districts to provide guidance to create a system of prevention, early intervention, and support to ensure that all students are learning from the instruction they are receiving. MTSS is a set of evidence-based practices implemented across school systems, at all levels, to meet the needs of learners. Kansas MTSS sets up a system which is intentionally focused on leadership, professional development and empowering culture within the context of assessment, curriculum and instruction which ultimately supports the selection and implementation of increasingly intense research based intervention in response to a student’s academic of behavioral needs. James has been a member of the Kansas Multi-Tier System of Support team for the past two years. Focusing on Trainer development and creation of materials. Prior to that assignment James was the principal of an elementary school implementing MTSS for eight years and has 23 years of experience teaching students 2nd-8th grade.